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Delivery time Release of the Fifth

Delivery time Release of the Fifth


Even if, year after year, the requests for this type of loan increase more and more, very often the information on the procedure or on what is the preliminary investigation procedure for a loan of this kind is not always known, in detail, from all customers.

What are the timing of the disbursement of the fifth assignment?

Customers, who very often have a need for liquidity to be obtained in a short time, rightly ask themselves and ask the professionals of the sector who take care of the procedure, what are the timing of the delivery of a salary assignment .

The first thing to stress, which is one of the fundamental things to be able to answer this question, is that the subjects involved in this type of payday loan are 3.

  • Customer
  • Bank or Financial Institution
  • Administration or social security institution

Why is it important to know that the subjects are three?

Thinking about the time it takes to assess, approve and provide funding through loans against salaries or pensions is important to know that there are three since the administration of affiliation of the employee or the institution of the pensioner actively intervene before of approval and before liquidation.

How does the administration or social security institution operate?

Both subjects, both in case it is an employee or if it is a retiree before intervening in the evaluation phase, which precedes the decision by the Bank providing both information and related documents to potential customers and subsequently to the approval of the practice, releasing their approval (declaration where they indicate that they will withhold the financing installment) for liquidation of the same.

So we can say that an answer with a specific number of days does not exist as we cannot be sure how long it will take the administration or the social security body to release the necessary documentation before and after the approval of the loan we can say however that, if the administrations or the social security institutions were swift in releasing all the documentation and there should be no extinctions to be carried out, as a guideline, you might be able to provide a file even after a week after the contracts were signed.