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What do we talk about when we hear NoiPA?

What do we talk about when we hear NoiPA?


To better explain what NoiPA is, let’s report exactly an excerpt of what we can read on the NoiPA Official Website and which summarizes and explains what the NoiPA system is and what it is for:

“NoiPA is the information system created to manage the data of the employees administered and to ensure the acceptance of the economic treatment of the central and peripheral staff of the Public Administration which provides the services of:

processing of legal-economic data and the related obligations provided for by current legislation, including tax and social security.

processing and balancing of the survey of the presences / absences of the persons in charge as well as of the related obligations provided for by the current legislation

management of processed data and production of the monthly slip , as well as distribution of the same and communication of information related to the data contained within. ” Source Site NoiPA section About Us.

In which pay slips and where is the transferable fifth?

In which pay slips and where is the transferable fifth?


From time to time, as regards the sale of the fifth of the salary within the pay slips of ministerial employees who belong and work for almost all the ministries and who are part of the NoiPA system, there is an item at the bottom right in the first page under the “net total” called Quinto cedibile.

The first thing to be said about the transferable fifth is that not all state or public employees have in their pay slip the amount and the fifth transferable title .

Before explaining specifically the fifth item that can be transferred, for an appropriate and always useful in-depth analysis we indicate the link on the NoiPA website regarding the Guide to the consultation of the NoiPA slip that can surely help to better understand all the items present in the pay slip they are not always so clear.

What is the transferable fifth?


What is the transferable fifth present in the pay slip? The immediate answer to this question is: the transferable fifth indicatively represents the maximum amount that the employee can sell to obtain a loan with salary-backed salary.

It is important to know that the amount found in the pay slip is an indicative amount since, to obtain the precise amount, there must always be further checks and verifications both by the same administration of the employee who must issue the approval and and from the Financial Institution that will have to provide the loan .

Click here for information on the maximum amount that can be obtained with this type of Loan

Click here for information on the maximum amount that can be obtained with this type of Loan


On all pay slips is the fifth transferable?


It is not certain that the transferable fifth is always present in the pay packet and it is not said that, even if present, it is always possible to carry out the assignment of one fifth of the salary. Over the years, the salary-backed financing product has taken up more and more space. At one time, before this happened, it was not possible to calculate the transferable fifth in such a mechanized manner. Today, as this type of loan has seen an exponential increase in requests due also to a lowering of rates, the administrations have adapted and are adapting more and more both in terms of information technology and information technology.